Week 7 Reflections


Disruptive technologies

Things that are becoming 'redundant' or having to improvise/change to keep up with technology...
Pretty much everything is being disrupted e.g. cars, music, think of blockbuster or civic video where you used to go in and rent dvds or videos when now you can netflix everything!

The disruption can be more severe if you have no foresight to keep up with trends.

Reality continuum

Real environment - the real world

Augmented reality - think pokemon go

Augmented virtual - putting layers of something like fortnight

Virtual environment - like the inside of the computer or the Sims

How can mixed realities be used in class or school?


Wicked problems- problems in a school or education
A problem that never ends

Solvable - authentic learning experience like the beach shore, you would take them to the beach - that is solvable

Difficult - teaching computational thinking, it may be new but you've done a class but it's not something you can get easily

Wicked - the achievement gap is wicked because the solutions that you put in place may work for your school but not necessarily other schools, not broad for all involved, the definition of achievement is not the same etc it becomes a wicked problem

Another example is BYOD as a considered wicked problem for reasons e.g.
- teachers have different abilities and priorities
- different financial situations
- a range of devices

Distributed leadership

Not delegation
Building capacity and strengths of all are emphasized
It is shared in and across schools
Its about the impact on student leadership


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