Week 4 Mindlab reflections


Myron Fox experiment.
Who do we believe and trust?

Getting us to think about alternative theory, theories that compare and contrast, so that our decisions are wholly informed and reflected upon.

Looking at theories that can be argued and critiqued.
This all links to our own practice and the importance of referencing.


Constructionist simplest definition - learning by doing (building)

Constructivism - simplest definition - constructing knowledge

Collaboration - working as part of a team, shared responsibility

Inter-dependency - if one person doesn't do it then it has the potential to fall apart.

Pot luck dinner example

Constructivist - learning from each other by cooking together, how about we use this to make this, lets use this ingredient

Constructionist - putting it together, the making, the cooking

Collaborative - shared responsibility/interdependent (to make substantive decisions together to complete something)

Cooperative - inter-dependency of it, I can share and cooperate but doesn't mean I'm making decisions rather than just following

Makey makey task example

Constructivist - learning from each other, Sally knew how to play jingle bells, we connected through our previous experience/knowledge of using Scratch

Constructionist - having a play, putting it together, discovery and exploring, different end product to what we originally had

Collaboration - inter-dependent on each other, made decisions together, shared responsibility


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